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iDraw H A3 Pen Plotter Review

The iDraw H A3 pen plotter is reviewed in comparison to the AxiDraw V3/A3. It offers precise plotting with a stepper motor, allowing controlled pen pressure. The iDraw excels with ballpoint pens and paint markers, and comes with a magnetic basement for easy paper alignment. It's bulkier but has a smaller footprint than the AxiDraw. The main drawback is its lack of compatibility with the saxi tool. The iDraw is recommended for its performance and affordability, especially for users not reliant on saxi support or extensive paint work. Price ranges from $679 to $699, making it a cost-effective alternative to the $700 AxiDraw. A 15% discount code for the iDraw online store is provided.

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From Reservation to Coalition: The Stories that Generative Art Can Tell

The project "Coalition" challenges the dominant paradigm in generative art by limiting its output to 36 unique visual patterns, a significant reduction from prior works which typically produced 1,024 iterations. This departure from long-form generativism, which prioritizes algorithms' capacity for high-volume, high-quality outputs, aims to shift focus towards individual outputs and their narratives. Coalition introduces a new source of randomness by combining hashes from previous collections to maintain consistency across tokens, offering a balance between random generation and formal constraints. By emphasizing the relationship between individual mints and their role in a unified work, Coalition redefines generative art's storytelling potential, moving beyond sheer output size and variability. This approach seeks to provide collectors with a deeper connection to both their...

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